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Kalantzis Plants - Ramm Botanicals

14 - 17 June 2022

About usKalantzis Plants - Ramm Botanicals

Production of Excellence
Started as a genuine family business in Greece, Kalantzis Plants has grown into a salvia breeder and a supplier of young plants from tissue culture, intended for professional growers around the world. Consumer's experience and values are the core of our breeding program!

Coming from Australia, Ramm Botanicals is a multi-award winning company that breeds and produces high quality plants that are superior in strength, color and durability requiring the minimum care and attention. Located on the Central Coast in NSW, the Ramm Botanicals facility incorporates a large, purpose built tissue culture laboratory, young plants nursery and R&D facility.

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Bush Zest
Bush Zest
New release: A totally new yellow variety to substitute the already well-known bonanza! Shorter, brighter, bushier and most important: earlier and massive flowering! Everything was improved in this variety but the WoW effect remained the same! Easier and faster to grow, easier to maintain with big bright yellow flowers in shorter
King's Park Royale
King's Park Royale
New release: Kings Park Royale is a colour breakthrough with the unique flower colours combination, never before seen in Kangaroo Paw! Displaying tones of purple and red, this variety is well suited to feature in containers! Stronger and tougher than other bicoloured varieties, King's Park Royale reaches easily 60cm height!
Salvia new series
Salvia new series
Our brand new salvia series will have to wait one more year to meet you face-to-face in 2022, but you can start your experience with it even earlier! New varieties characterized by long flowering period, self-cleaning habit, bright colors and big flowers are going to be available soon. Copper dark or light green bractea accompanied with a well-branched growing shape promises a unique garden

Top 10 productsKalantzis Plants - Ramm Botanicals

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  2. Anigozanthos Pearl
  3. Lomandra Dalliance
  4. Anigozanthos Tenacity
  5. Anigozanthos Inferno
  1. Anigozanthos Scarlet
  2. Anigozanthos Crystal
  3. Dianella Kentlyn
  4. Anigozanthos Tangerine
  5. Lomandra Verday