Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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13 - 16 June 2023

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Endisch - Leading Breeding
Cultivating ornamental plants is a tradition in the Endisch family. Personal, confidential contact with our customers and good cooperation towards a common goal are our premise. The next generation is making its own mark - with new cultures for co-creating more fields in the green industry. The name Endisch also stands for reliable quality and competence in horticulture growing.

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Xtreme - Pelargonium interspecific
Xtreme - Pelargonium interspecific
After the successful introduction of the XTREME series, the following characteristics are evident: The zonal character of the foliage is complemented by three-dimensional growth in height, depth and width. It still must be mentioned: XTREMELY easy to cultivate in mountains and valleys, XTREMELY adaptable in containers, window boxes and flower beds, XTREMELY good branching and strong growth, XTREMELY rich blooming, XTREMELY long flowering, XTREMELY attractive long distance effect and finally XTREMELY
The Trend is your friend!
The Trend is your friend!
From the start of cultivation up to the outdoor plantings, these are top varieties that sell well! Trend cuttings root quickly and grow rapidly. Trend young plants all have the same cultivation pattern and growth habit: They are easy to cultivate and are fast growing. Even early in the season, an uniform pool of colorful blooming pelargoniums is possible with Trend. Strong, ready-to-sell Trend plants are captivating due to their clear, attractive colors. Consumers can enjoy these plants throughout the entire summer due to its excellent suitability for gardens. This is one pelargonium that is bought again and
Impress yourself - Big peltatum!
Impress yourself - Big peltatum!
In addition to the well-known, double, semi-trailing varieties, we offer with the Big 5 series yet another variant of double-bloomed ivy-leaved geraniums. Big 5 Malva, Big 5 Neon Pink India, Big 5 Red Devil, Big 5 Soft Rose and Big 5 White Angel complement each other to provide a complete color palette of vigorous ivy-leaved geraniums. With our Big5 series, splendid cascades of double blooms appear continuously throughout the entire

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  1. Pelargonium Zonale Trend
  2. Pelargonium Zonale Smart
  3. Pelargonium Zonale Eco
  4. Pelargonium Interspecific Xtreme
  5. Pelargonium Peltatum Big 5
  1. Pelargonium Peltatum Sunflair
  2. Pelargonium Peltatum Rainbow
  3. Impatiens Neu Guinea Euroline
  4. Rosmarinus Officialis Green Rosi
  5. Dipladenia Summer Bell