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About usFloranova

Floranova is a specialised breeder of flower seed varieties for the professional bedding and pot plant sector. Our seed products are available to trade and consumers through a network of wholesale and retail distributors throughout the world.
Established in in 1978, Floranova is now recognised as being one of the world's leading flower seed breeding companies. Following the acquisition of Floranova by Syngenta in 2018 Floranova will now be offering a range of Syngenta products in our assortment.

Begonia Bossa Nova® Night Fever Rosso
Begonia Bossa Nova® Night Fever Rosso
The beauty of contrast

  • Early flowering, with short sturdy flower stems
  • Rich, dark foliage that contrasts beautifully with the bold colors
  • Like standard Horizon, Horizon Shadow is compact in habit with excellent branching,
so less PGR applications are required
  • Excellent garden performance, enhanced by the dark foliage color – great for
mixed containers and
African Marigold WhiteGold
African Marigold WhiteGold
WhiteGold Max

  • Large, tight fully double flowers that are less prone to water damage
  • Cleaner white color for this class - stands out in the garden.
  • Taller, well branched plants that are perfect for large containers or beds
  • Great option for mixed containers as a contrasting color

WhiteGold Mini

  • Unique! First near-white Marigold on a dwarf habit
  • The compact habit makes it perfect for use in packs and small pots
  • Floriferous – many secondary flowers cover the plant
  • Great summer performance
Gaura Emmeline
Gaura Emmeline
Season-long color!

  • Early flowering, flowers all summer long!
  • Excellent heat and drought tolerance.
  • Pink Bouquet - Attractive shades of Pink, Light Pink and Blush – First compact Pink
variety from seed!
  • Compact with good branching, can be grown in a 10.5cm pot.
  • More economical alternative to cutting raised varieties

Top 10 productsFloranova

  1. Begonia Bossa Nova
  2. Vinca Blockbuster
  3. Bellis Bam Bam
  4. Celosia Bright Sparks
  5. Dianthus IQ
  1. Nemesia Pretty Please
  2. Salvia Mojave
  3. Pansy Freefall
  4. Pansy Freefall Xl
  5. Viola Bel Viso