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About usFloranova

Floranova is a specialised breeder of flower seed varieties for the professional bedding and pot plant sector. Our seed products are available to trade and consumers through a network of wholesale and retail distributors throughout the world.
Established in in 1978, Floranova is now recognised as being one of the world's leading flower seed breeding companies. Following the acquisition of Floranova by Syngenta in 2018 Floranova will now be offering a range of Syngenta products in our assortment.

F1 Vinca Blockbuster
F1 Vinca Blockbuster
Floranova’s latest Vinca breeding has focused on flower size!
This exciting new series of 10 colours brings all of the attributes you would expect from Floranova Vinca, but with huge flowers!
Blockbuster has a compact, well branched habit as seen with Vitesse, but with much larger flowers that maintain their well rounded form. The flowers are capable of reaching 5.5-6 cm, even in extreme conditions. The colour intensity of Blockbuster is much greater, even in full sun
F1 Begonia Bossa Nova Night Fever Papaya
F1 Begonia Bossa Nova Night Fever Papaya
Night Fever Papaya is a New Generation of Bossa Nova with very dark foliage. Just like Bossa Nova blooms will cover the plants from late Spring until first frosts and the excellent branching plants will provide the same quality display as more expensive vegetative products.
Available as very high quality pelleted seed, Night Fever Papaya makes a superb, long flowering, basket and container
F1 Dianthus IQ
F1 Dianthus IQ
Naturally dwarf in habit and flowering up to 5 days earlier than any competitor, Dianthus IQ is an excellent new, grower friendly product.
IQ is highly floriferous and will produce a uniform canopy of flowers across the plant. The strong range of 9 individual colours plus a Formula Mix and Picotee Mix will cover every grower requirement.
IQ makes a super pack or pot bedding

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