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14 - 17 June 2022

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ebbing-lohaus Vertriebs GmbH
At Ebbing-Lohaus, we specialise in the production of seed and young plants. Our top-quality Primula acaulis seed is marketed to seed wholesalers and nurseries all over the world. Within the German market, we supply mainly young plants. Young plants are marketed primarily as plugs in trays of 336 cells, each cell measuring 1.7 cm in diameter. These plants are ready for potting and should be grown under glass.

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Aurela appleblossom
Aurela appleblossom
The new aurela appleblossom fits perfectly into the middle late series aurela, which is ready for sale from the end of February. Soft pink flowers are a balm for the soul. Just like all varieties of this series aurela appleblossom is a compact plant and needs no growth regulators. Aurela appleblossom completes the series’ well-balanced colour-palette perfectly and is right on trend.
Elodie lime
Elodie lime
Romantic season is here! Our new elodie lime enriches the medium early variety elodie by a bright hue. Elodie blooms from the middle of January to the middle February. Green-white flowers with ruched edges, which appear to be double-flowered, stand on firm flower stalks. Classic and modern at once - this novelty makes hearts beat faster!
Victoriana mix
Victoriana mix
Nostalgic charm meets pure naturalness: Victoriana with its decorative flowers and long, graceful stems is now available as an expressive mix, including the colours red, panda, moccha, lilac and yellow. The timeless glory of this hardy primrose is applicable for bowls, pots and flowerbeds as well, where this late-flowering series provides long-lasting blooms well into April.
Our new Victoriana yellow is an element of this mix. Its flowers shine in a bright happy yellow and rise over a natural looking sea of leaves. By a vigour, which fits in the series perfectly, Victoriana yellow nestles to the mix excellently and gives it a joyful spot of colour.

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