Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

Where plants meet people

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13 - 16 June 2023

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ebbing-lohaus Vertriebs GmbH
At Ebbing-Lohaus, we specialise in the production of seed and young plants. Our top-quality Primula acaulis seed is marketed to seed wholesalers and nurseries all over the world. Within the German market, we supply mainly young plants. Young plants are marketed primarily as plugs in trays of 336 cells, each cell measuring 1.7 cm in diameter. These plants are ready for potting and should be grown under glass.

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eblo lavender
eblo lavender
Our new special colour eblo lavender makes the start: Ones first glance is caught by delicate light edges, which caresses lilac flowers. Those flowers pour into a centre with a bold coloured eye. What a glorious play of colours! With its compact round habit eblo lavender complements the late eblo series in a special way.
stella cream org eye
stella cream org eye
“Creamy florescence – orange eye – numerous strong stalks”: If one had to choose a concise headline for our second novelty stella cream org eye, for sure those attributes would be part of it. Because of those said characteristics stella cream org eye is a marvellous addition to our robust stella series.
eblodie pink-light
eblodie pink-light
eblodie pink-light delivers a romantic atmosphere to the end of primrose season. With a late flowering time from March on and slightly rushed petals, that resemble a rose, eblodie pink-light is a perfect fusion of the series elodie and eblo.

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