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D.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

14 - 17 June 2022

About usD.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

DHM Innovation by Lannes
DHMI is a leading breeding company in Mandevilla/Dipladenia DIAMANTINA® and tropical Hibiscus under various brands such as RIO CLARA™. It also acts as a Plant Editor for the European Market with Lagerstroemia BLACK SOLITAIRE®, Abutilon MAPPLEIA™, Violette de Toulouse and others to come.
DHMI is the R&D unit of Lannes Group. It creates and promotes new varieties in various countries, particularly in Europe but also in the US, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Japan and South Africa.
Collaboration and partnerships lead the company to innovative and performing products that fulfill the needs of the new wave plant consumers.

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Company videoD.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

Diamantina® QUARTZ 'Pink & Yellow' NEW
Diamantina® QUARTZ 'Pink & Yellow' NEW
QUARTZ is a new series of the Diamantina® product range. It was specifically designed for climbing varieties with eye catching look.

QUARTZ varieties are unique and among the best bloomers of the entire product range.
Growers will appreciate the easiness to deal with ‘Pink & Yellow’ as it roots, branches and grows effortless. Start the selling season with this very early bloomer!

The vibrant color combination makes it unique compared to other varieties. Diamantina® QUARTZ ‘Pink & Yellow’ has an exceptional garden performance, resisting bad weather conditions, super sunny exposure and long periods of water
RIO CLARA 'Shade of Orange' NEW
RIO CLARA 'Shade of Orange' NEW
The Hibiscus range proposed by DHMI has been on the market for several years. All selected varieties meet specific criteria related to outdoor performance.
A strong branching capacity, a good general structure of the plant, an abundant flowering and a regular re-blooming capacity are all characteristics that make it possible to differentiate the DHMI’s series from the others.

The variety ' Shade of Orange' is an ideal representation of what DHMI offers on the market of garden Hibiscus in addition to a simply breathtaking
Diamantina® AMETHYST 'Violet' NEW
Diamantina® AMETHYST 'Violet' NEW
The new series AMETHYST comprises semi-climbing varieties with shade of purple flower colors. It represents a unique color segment with trendy and outstanding colors to complement both OPAL and CORAL series. AMETHYST ‘Violet’ will look stunning in combination with other colors like OPALE ‘Citrine’ or JADE ‘White’.

Diamantina® AMETHYST ‘Violet’ is a worldwide color innovation. The flowers are of standard +/- 8cm size in diameter. This new variety can easily be produced using the same OPAL production protocol.

This new color and the ones coming up as part of the AMETHYST series are suitable for ‘purple’ base color garden

Top 10 productsD.H.M.Innovation / breeding company by Lannes

  1. Mandevilla Diamantina® Jade XXL ‘Red’ NEW
  2. Mandevilla Diamantina® Jade XXL ‘White’ NEW
  3. Mandevilla Diamantina® Jade XXL ‘Strawberry Red’ NEW
  4. Mandevilla Diamantina® Opal ‘Citrine 2.0’
  5. Mandevilla Diamantina® Opal ‘Red’
  1. Mandevilla Diamantina® Jade ‘White’
  2. Mandevilla Diamantina® Agate ‘White’
  3. Mandevilla Diamantina® Tourmaline ‘Rose’
  4. Mandevilla Diamantina® Coral ‘Orange Sunrise’
  5. Mandevilla Diamantina® Quartz ‘Pink & Yellow’ NEW