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Beekenkamp Plants BV

14 - 17 June 2022

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Beekenkamp Plants BV is breeder and young plant producer in pot and bedding plants.
Beekenkamp Plants BV is breeder and young plant producer in pot and bedding plants such as Begonia, Dahlia, Poinsettia, Lavendula, Campanula and Celosia. Beekenkamp is the leading producer of crops, including Cyclamen, Helianthus, Primula, Platycodon, Petunia, Begonia seedraised. You find innovative products like the new Alfresco hobbyvegetables range, the new Kelos Celosia Candela and Kelos Candela Lunar types.

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We proudly present you: “Alfresco”. The new concept for hobby vegetables and herbs. Alfresco consists of a wide range of grafted and non-grafted hobby vegetables and herbs, for which we use the best selected seeds and which are grown according to strict hygiene rules. Thanks to its extensive experience in the cultivation of both ornamental and vegetable plants, we are a strong player in the market when it comes to the delivery of reliable young plant material.

Alfresco literally means: “good food in the open air”
Kelos - Celosia Candela
Kelos - Celosia Candela
Beekenkamp Plants Ornamentals proudly received the Regional All-American Selection (AAS) Regional Prize for their Celosia Kelos Candela Pink. One AAS Judge even called the Kelos Candela Pink the “Energizer Bunny” that just kept blooming!

The judges loved the bright pink blooms that rose above the foliage, almost like a tall, tapered candle! Unique, showy plumes of pink flowers kept their color all season long and the judges agree that this is a perfect filler plant to add height and interest to a combination container planting. But it is also useful in mass plantings, borders, and general garden use. Another added bonus: it works as a dried flower as well.
LaBella Dahlia (from big to small)
LaBella Dahlia (from big to small)
The LaBella Dahlia is a real masterpiece. The flowers are symmetrical and the intense colours and details are like art. LaBella is an complete series with extraordinary colours, outstanding shapes and sizes from big to small. With its’ new branding draw attention to the art of the plant, the colourful look and the range of this series. New colours are introduced within the well-know growers choice of the Medio types (1liter) and the special Maggiore (>2 liter pot)

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