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About usArmada Young Plants B.V.

Specialists in Young Plants
Armada Young Plants B.V. is a young and dynamic organisation which focuses on breeding, propagation and sales & marketing of different ornamentals. Besides the main products Chrysanthemum and Aster (both as cutflower and potplant) the assortment exists of the cutflowers Ajania, Eryngium, Gypsophila, Trachelium and the potplants Ajania, Dianthus, Hypericum, Lavendula and Pot roses.

Unfortunately the Flowertrials 2021 cannot take place, due to the Covid-19 (Corona) virus. We will work on a virtual presentation of the products which we would normally present you, so you will be able to enjoy our Flowertrials 2021.

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Top 9 productsArmada Young Plants B.V.

  1. Pot chrysanthemum | Beauty® Elegant
  2. Multiflora | Blanchett® series
  3. Pot chrysanthemum Pico® series
  4. Lavender | Havanna® | Jane® | Cuba®
  5. Hypericum | Miracle® series
  1. Cut chrysanthemum | spray | santini | blooms
  2. Trachelium | Briba® series
  3. Eryngium | Cold Blue®
  4. Ajania | Pacific® series